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Theological Reflections on Remote Celebration of the Holy Communion

by Dr Lai Pak-Wah and Dr Tan Seng-Kong



Dear Readers

Thank you for your interest in the article “Theological Reflection on the Remote Celebration of the Holy Communion”.

This is now available on a per request basis. If you wish to receive a copy, please write to or , giving your name and organisation (if any). Do note that this is a revised version of the original posted on this site.

We have decided to simplify the theological discussions and highlight any pastoral concerns we feel could arise based on these assumptions. Many local denominations have already made public statements on this issue and we wish to remind readers that they should abide by their own church leaders’ directions. If you have any queries regarding its content, you will be directed to those best able to answer them.

Blessings to you, and as always, stay safe!

Contributor: Dr Lai Pak-Wah and Dr Tan Seng-Kong
Presented by:  BGST