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The Proposal


A Boy, a Girl, a quiet place to Study and a Tale 
that will be told for generations to come


Peter has been using our library to study since he was a school boy in the 90s.

He was a regular in Bishan, then in Tanjong Pagar, Pemimpin, and now here in Kallang Pudding. He has been, quite literally, a faithful follower of BGST. It was Aunty Daisy who first warmly welcomed him to use the library, and this has meant a lot to him throughout his growing years. So much so that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend at this very special place…



Tanjong Pagar







Here’s his story:

The time was ripe for me to propose to Rachel. But I was clueless on how to get about doing it. 

Then, as I was making my trip down to BGST library to return books after work on Saturday, 28 Nov 2020, I was struck by the most brilliant of ideas… “Why not propose to Rachel at the library?” After all it’s a place that is dear to me, even from my childhood days.

When I arrived, the lights were not turned on, I got the impression that it was not open. To my pleasant surprise, a kind lady appeared at the door step and welcomed me even though the library was indeed not scheduled to be open. It was Ms Yap Foon Lyn, the Director of Administrations at the school. After some hesitation, I told her about my thoughts of proposing there the following Saturday. To my great joy she arranged for the library to be open just for us on that day, and even went to great lengths with Aunty Daisy and Jonathan to decorate two aisles for the surprise engagement. She also helped to source for some of the essential decorative elements which I was unable to find. This was the grace extended to me, even though I am not an official student of the school. As you can see from the photos, the ambience was nothing short of perfect.

On the “big day”, I brought Rachel there, having expressed the urgency to visit the library as they would be closed for December. The proposal worked out well despite not following the intended script fully. I am grateful and indebted to the staff at BGST and hope to spend more time in this loving school and library in years to come!”



Rachel did say “ YES!”


Presented by:  BGST