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Please pray for guidance for the work of BGST, particularly in bringing us into contact with people and organisations with whom we may form good partnerships.

Pray for our students. Diving into theological education is not an easy feat. Many of our students have numerous calls on their time and energy and yet they have made the commitment to dig more deeply into their faith. Pray for energy, health, wisdom, transformative learning, and most of all that the classes they take will bring them closer to Christ. Pray that through these students, the light of Christ will shine brighter to the world.

Pray for our lecturers, visiting and local. Pray that God will grant them endurance, rest and support whether they are travelling, speaking, writing, teaching, or on sabbatical. Pray that they will remain open to the Lord’s leading, and that they may be His vessel through which others are raised up.

Support Financially


BGST is possible because of the generosity of our dedicated donors. These donations enable us to continue as a theological school that offers unique benefits at affordable rates. Thank you for your support.

Donation Initiatives

BGST Technology Fund (BT Fund)

The number of lay Christians expressing interest in part-time theological education is growing. This has led to a significant increase in enrolment. To support this growth, we are improving our academic IT infrastructure. The BT Fund has been created for supporters to invest in BGST’s new educational platforms for training the whole people of God in Singapore and the region. Contributions to the BT Fund will go towards:

  • 1.

    A new website

    For students to register and pay for courses/ events online seamlessly. It will also feature BGST’s rich media resources engaging marketplace issues.

  • 2.

    Hardware and software upgrades

    So that our students can receive better support from our administrators and library.

  • 3.

    IT Maintenance

    To manage our diverse IT systems and needs.

Want to support the BT Fund? Click here. Thank you for your support.

Building the Next Generation (BNG)

Countless churches are struggling to find and train their next generation of church leaders and members. BGST wants to help. Through our Building the Next Generation (BNG) initiative, partner churches of BGST are able to unlock different benefits.