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Using your library card


Current serials are housed at Level 2 (next to the loan and point-of-sales (POS) counters) and bound serials at Level 1 (near the standing Online-Public-Access-Catalogue (OPAC)). Current serials are the latest issues of a particular journal. Completed issues making up a volume or two will usually be sent for binding. The completed bound volume will be kept in the bound serial area, which is shelved in alphabetical order. Signs with the serial listing are displayed in the bound serial area to assist you in locating the title of the journal.

We currently subscribe to a total of over 30 serial titles in print format. 27 serial titles, which have either ceased publication or we have stopped subscribing to them, are located at the bound serial area. On top of this print collection, we have an additional 219 online full-text titles.

These are available in the EBSCO Host. These resources have been made available to us by the generous donation of a BGST alumnus.


Using Your Library Card

Once you have your library card, you can borrow from our collection of thousands of resources.

To loan an item from our physical library, choose your items and bring them to the BGST Library counter. Simply scan your library card and then your items.

To renew an item

  1. To renew an item, go to WebOPAC and click on “Loan Activities.”
  2. Enter your Member ID and Password and click “Logon.”
  3. Click on the “Renew” link for the item(s) you wish to renew. For step-by-step instructions with images, please click here.

What else can I do on WebOPAC?

You may also:

  • Check your loan status (e.g. the title of the items borrowed and the due date)
  • Reserve an item that is currently on loan by someone else.
  • Save your searched books using the Treasure Chest function and retrieve this list at any time.


Loan Policy

Loan Duration Fines Remarks
First Loan 14 Days 30 cents / day No recall
Second to fifthe renewal 14 Days 30 cents / day Recall will be activated if the item is required by another patron.


Overdue and Damage Fees

  • Overdue Fees Lost/Damaged Fees
  • 30 cents/day per item Replacement charges and a $10 processing fee will be issued for lost or broken materials, highlighted or otherwise defaced books, water damage, failure to return materials, etc.
*Kindly note that an individual who damages multiple items may no longer be allowed to use the library and its facilities.